Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture

An incredible solution for, those experiencing stress, pain, depression and insomnia or, health enthusiasts looking to optimize their well-being.


Manufactured from pure hemp and all natural, our broad spectrum CBD is a non-psychoactive aid to many problems. 


Broad spectrum means that the product contains a full range of cannabinoids making this product more effective than traditional CBD products.

Who We Are

Flow CBD is a Toronto-based company working diligently to provide pure, hemp derived CBD products. We at Flow CBD are wellness enthusiasts and our team has had a lifelong passion for health. Broad Spectrum CBD has been one of the most important tools in our bio-hacking toolbox.


Who else can benefit? Everyone. Every hard working professional, busy entrepreneur, sleep deprived parent, health enthusiast, self care fanatic, mindful yogi and exhausted athlete. We are constantly striving to help those affected by mental, physical and emotional pain to reach their full potential and live a purposeful, intentional and happy life.

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